Why should I hire an editor?

All writing can be improved by an editor’s fresh, skillful eyes. Even the very best, most experienced writers rely on great editors to improve their writing.


Your own brain is an excellent auto-correct; that’s why we usually can’t see our own errors or areas that need improvement.


Most of us also suffer from fatigue with our own writing. When you’re trying to edit work you’re familiar with—maybe you’ve written numerous drafts, and have read over it too many times to count—you’ll experience eye and brain fatigue. An editor’s unique, experienced, and unbiased perspective will spare you the fatigue, saving you time and energy.


You’ll prevent inadvertent errors that can damage your professional reputation or go viral. A skilled editor is an excellent safety net.


You’ll save money as well as time. Miscommunication can be very expensive—it’s costly and time-consuming to fix errors.

Why can't I just use an AI program to improve my writing?

There are several problems with using AI to write and edit for you (aside from the fact that it's just more enjoyable to work and collaborate with an actual person!):


  1.  AI doesn't know and understand your audience.
  2.  It can’t capture the nuances of language.
  3.  It doesn’t adequately understand context.
  4.  AI is unaware of the psychology behind the message.
  5.  Social knowledge is lost on AI.
  6.  AI can’t comprehend direct versus indirect effects and knowledge.
  7.  AI will provide you with formuaic writing that's between a C and a B grade; I'm guessing you'd prefer your content to rate an A or A+  grade
  8.  AI cannot strategize with or for you.


I also offer what AI can't: creative, human-centred solutions.

What will I receive?

  • An edited document meeting the highest standards relating to the four “C’s” of editing: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness


  • A document free of typos, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors


  • A document free of errors in syntax and usage
  • Changes or recommendations to improve tone, quality, and style


  • Remedy internal inconsistencies or discrepancies


  • Point out or fix organizational problems, gaps in logic, and issues with presentation


  • General suggestions for improvement, clarifying questions


  • Fact checking - all hyperlinks, references, dates, names, etc. will be checked for accuracy and correctness


  • Everything tracked within the document using Word’s Track Changes feature so you can easily see and review every change and suggestion

Will your services help me become a better writer?

Yes! You can clearly see each and every change and correction; equally important, I provide suggestions, queries, comments, and explanations, many of which are relevant to all writing.

Will you keep my work confidential?

Yes. Unless you authorize its release, your material will be held in strictest confidence. My role is to make you look good; I function as a dependable and trustworthy partner, here to polish your writing and make it sing.

Can you add design, images, or presentation elements to my written content?



Presentation is just as powerful and important as your writing. Visual and design services are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Editing