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✓ I’m a friendly human

I'm Ruth-Anne Eisler

Here’s what I’m about, and how I’ll help you

Do you like people and have fun working with them? Me too! No AI writing or editing here, just an empathetic, collaborative, ethical, chocolate-loving partner.

In addition to humans (and chocolate), I also love books and animals. I’m a mom to one child + this humble dog + 14 fish.

✓  I’m obsessed with precision, details, and quality

You want crisp, impeccable writing. Done! You can relax; I’ve got your back.

Years of working as a legal researcher/writer made me impossibly finicky. I’m a detail person, and I understand all too well the importance of clarity & precision in our writing.

I’ll relentlessly scrutinize and edit your copy, and no one will wrestle it from my grip until it’s absolutely precise and pristine, I promise.


✓ Big-picture thinking


I’m a multi-instrument musician with a degree in piano performance. Stay with me, this has some relevance—here’s what it means for you:

My approach to writing or editing your content is the same as my approach to learning a new piece of classical music. Your material will be dissected and analyzed down to its most minute, detailed components, then woven back together again into a beautifully structured, nuanced, coherent, flowing whole. All designed to perfectly support your unique business & goals. 

You’ll enjoy the best of both competencies: microscopic, no-detail-too-small lens + big picture perspective.


✓ You’ll get on time and on budget. Period.


During my legal career, I meticulously clocked and billed my time in six-minute intervals with all the precision and fervour of a drill sergeant—in a litigation practice where time was of the essence and missed deadlines could equal disaster. 

I’m ridiculously devoted to timeliness and budget.  (Oh, and logic and research too.)